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Basic and Advanced Selenium

Course Duration (In Hours) Timing Tentative
Basic and Advanced Selenium
Basic and Advanced Selenium 100 BOOT CAMP 24-09-2019

Basic and Advanced Selenium Training

Selenium is a open source framework for web applications & In the Testing domain, Selenium is one of the most sought after skill-set. Job opportunities for the Selenium Professionals are on the rise this course addresses Job roles like QA / Test Automation Engineer, Senior Automated Tester, Test Specialist, Test Lead.

This course starts right from the basics - core Java which is used for writing test scripts, basic testing concepts, hands on with writing test scripts by applying different frameworks used in IT industry. This course will also enable self-learning of various tools used in automated testing.

Course Details

Target Audience

• This course is for QA Engineers, Testing Professionals and application developers/testers who want to equip themselves with automated testing.

Prerequisites for the Selenium course

• Basic understanding of SDLC and QA Process
• Any programming language experience in IDE is desired

Java Basics

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Java

  • Program structure and syntax
  • Language features

2. Eclipse IDE

  • Installing and setting up IDE
  • Configuring IDE

3. Java Fundamentals

  • Java Keywords
  • Variables, Operators and Control Structures

4. Basic Java Class Libraries

  • Object Class
  • Wrapper classes
  • String Handling
  • Date

OOP Concepts

Course Outline

1. Classes and Objects

  • Classes and Objects
  • Packages
  • Access Specifiers
  • Constructors – Default and Parameterized

2. Inheritance and polymorphism

  • Inheritance
  • Super keyword
  • Method & Constructor overloading
  • Method overriding

3. Abstract classes and Interfaces

  • Abstract class
  • Interfaces
  • Methods in interface
  • Runtime Polymorphism

Exceptions, Collection & I/O

Course Outline

1. Exception Handling

  • Introduction
  • Exception Types
  • Exception Hierarchy
  • Try-catch-finally
  • Multi catch blocks
  • Throwing exceptions using throw

2. Collections

  • Collections Framework
  • Collection Interfaces
  • Implementing Interfaces
  • Working on Collections

3. File IO

  • Basics of IO
  • Reading and writing into Property files

Testing Concepts

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Software Testing

2. Types of testing

3. Test Cases & Test Scenarios

4. Tracking defects

5. Understanding Regression testing and Functional testing

6. Manual Testing and Automated Testing

Selenium Basics

Course Outline

1. Features of Automated Testing

2. ROI in automation

3. Basics of automation frameworks

4. Various automation tools

5. Introduction to selenium

  • About Selenium
  • History of Selenium
  • How it is used in industry
  • Features of Selenium
  • Comparison of Selenium with other tools – 2 hours

6. Working with Selenium IDE

  • Overview with examples

7. Selenium – Web Driver 3.0

  • Features of Webdriver
  • Architecture of Webdriver
  • Installation of Selenium and related tools

8. Writing test scripts using Selenium WebDriver API

  • Writing first Web Driver Test class
  • Locating UI Elements in browsers
  • Navigation API
  • Interrogation API
  • Different Locators
    • id, xpath, cssSelector, className, linkText, name, tagName, partialLinkText
    • Locating dynamic webelements
  • Handling different contols & action Events
    • Button
    • TextBox
    • Dropdown
  • Handling popup windows
    • Alert
    • Prompt window
    • Popup window
    • Multiple windows
  • Synchronization
    • Why synchronization is important
    • Using Explicit & Implicit Wait
    • ExpectedCondition & ExpectedConditions
  • JavaScriptExecutor

9. Web Driver with TestNG

  • Creating test cases
  • Creating test suites
  • Grouping of test methods
  • DependsOn methods
  • Prioritization
  • Data Provider

Advanced Selenium

Course Outline

1. Different WebDrivers

2. Remote webdriver

  • Capabilities
  • Profile setting
  • Selenium Grid

3. Different browsers

  • Handling headless Browsers

4. Different frameworks in selenium

  • About various frameworks - Data Driven, Keyword Driven and Hybrid Framework
  • Implementing POM and PageFactory
  • Implementing Data Driven Framework using excel and xml files
  • Creating Object Repository in Property file and excel

Certification Exams :

The Microsoft 70-740, 70-741 and 70-742 certification exams can be taken after the above Courses. Latest updates on the exams can be looked up in the Microsoft site.

Student Speak

Krishna Kireeti B- HCL Comnet


I learnt a lot here more than what I have learnt in 4 yrs of B.E. The amount of knowledge I earned here is incomparable to any other sort of courses.If I had not come to RJP, I would have never known what I have missed in my career. This training has given me extraordinary encouragement and progress in my environment and the results were exponentially good, which I observed in myself. Simply the training was extraordinary and the instructor was outstanding !

Gnanaskandan. P - Singapore


I am Gnanaskandan, System Admin form Singapore, I found RJP Infotek through Google. with a immediate response form my  course counselor Ms. Munazah, we had confirmed our MCSE 2012 server infrastructure boot-camp in couple of email conversations. On my first day of training I was inspired by the corporate ambiance of RJP and wonderful service provided by Ms. Munazah. Our Training was conducted by Mr. A.K. Shajahan,  Senior Trainer, who got a sound knowledge about Microsoft products and services. His Teaching techniques lead our training session in a professional manner with a full fledged training lab.  During his lectures, he demonstrated the typical solutions were worked in the past and proved the current technological advancement, I personally gained lot from his technical experience as well as learn more about latest technology than I paid,  at the same time I should appreciate our other lecturers, who helped me to achieve success. Thanks to RJP.

Renny N

I take this opportunity to thank RJP team. The Coaching was exceptional.
This was the best training program I ever attended. I really appreciate the commitment of your Faculty Shanu Anwar. Her classes were were well organized and the periodic assessments tests really helped me to prepare for the exam.
Thanks Shanu for all your help and response to my emails and calls.
I strongly recommend  this institute.

Ganesh Rao PS

Very good lab environment, So we all had hand on experience

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