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CCNA Routing & Switching (200-125)

Course Duration (In Hours) Timing Tentative
CCNA Routing & Switching (200-125)
CCNA Routing & Switching (200-125) 40 9.30 - 1.30 03-09-2019
CCNA Routing & Switching (200-125) 80 Sundays 08-09-2019

CCNA Routing & Switching (200-125)

Cisco being the Market Leader in Networking, its CCNA certification is the default starting point for an aspiring Network Engineer. RJP Infotek Pvt Ltd, one of the pioneers in CCNA Routing & Switching Training in Chennai is the perfect learning place for students and professionals to effectively Implement, Manage and Troubleshoot medium sized Cisco Networks. If you have 0-2 years experience, get the best CCNA Course in chennai at an Authorized CISCO Training Center like RJP Infotek and be assured of better career opportunities in Network Administration & IT Infrastructure Support.

Why CCNA Training @RJP?

With an experience of over 20+ years in this field, Our Authorized CCNA Course distinguishes itself by its real-time approach using LEAPP technique. The Training is imparted by knowledgeable and experienced trainers, who deliver in-depth technical concepts. Higher course duration and integrated Theory & Labs ensure an effective learning experience for the participants. Factors such as student to trainer ratio along with Modular tests not only add to the effectiveness of the training but also enhance the scores when one takes up the CCNA Certification. Dedicated placement assistance and on-going connect with RJP Infotek by way of Technical knowledge exchange go a long way in building great value for all the stake holders.

Target Audience:

Fresh graduates from ICT branches and other admins who need to manage Networks with Cisco equipment.

Course Prerequisite:

Hardware & Basic Networking knowledge

Course Outline

Networking Fundamentals: Network Classification, Topologies, ISO 7 Layer OSI Model, TCP/IP 4 Layer Model, Cisco 3 Layer Model, Network Expansion Components, Introduction to WAN Technologies.

IPv4 Addressing:Classful/Classless address, Reserved addresses, Subnetting & Summarization - VLSM, CIDR.

Packet traversing a Network:Understand encapsulation & de-encapsulation process based on how a packet travels across a network.

Cisco Device Basics:Switches & Routers Architecture, IOS basics, Managing Cisco devices, Device Connectivity basics, CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol), LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol).

Switching Technologies & VLAN: Operational Principles, CAM Table, Remote management of switch, Port Security, VLAN Basics, Trunking, ISL & 802.1 q standards, DTP, VTP, Preventing loops using STP & RSTP, Portfast, BPDU Guard, Inter-VLAN Routing, Etherchannel and Troubleshooting.

IP Routing & Managing Cisco Internetwork: Router Boot sequence, Managing a router via Telnet & SSH, Static Routing (default & backup route), Dynamic Routing - Routing Algorithms, Administrative Distance, Autonomous System, RIP V2 (Configuration & Verification), EIGRP (Configuration, Verification, load Balancing), OSPF (Configuration & Verification in Single & Multi area Environments, Neighbour States), Passive Interface. eBGP (configuration & Verification), Troubleshooting Routed Networks.

NATTING: Types of NAT (Static, Dynamic, NAT with PAT) – Configuration & Troubleshooting.

DHCP: Configuration & Verification

IPV6 addressing: Types of ipv6 address, Enabling IPV6- IPv4 compatibility; Configuring & verifying Static routing, OSPFv3 & EIGRPv6 in IPV6- Dual Stack configuration, IPv6 Extended ACL.

First Hop Redundancy Protocols: HSRP - Configuration & Verification.

Network Security: IPv4 Access Control Lists - Inbound & Outbound IP Access Lists, Types of ACL - Standard, Extended, Named, Firewall & VPN concepts, Device Hardening.

WAN Protocols: WAN Environment Concepts, Leased Line - Configuration & Verification of different protocols- HDLC, PPP with PAP & CHAP Authentication, PPP Multilink, Troubleshooting WAN, GRE Tunnelling & OSPF on GRE Tunnel.

Advanced Topics: Introduction to QoS, DHCP Snooping, DAI (Dynamic ARP Inspection), Identity Based Networking (using 802.x), SNMP, Cloud Computing, SDN, IP SLA, SPAN, PPPoE.

Certification : There are two options to earn this certification at RJP Infotek’s Authorized Pearson Testing Center.

OPTION 1: -- CCNAX 200-125 (Composite exam)

OPTION 2: -- ICND1 100-105 & ICND2 200-105 (two separate exams)

Student Speak

Krishna Kireeti B- HCL Comnet


I learnt a lot here more than what I have learnt in 4 yrs of B.E. The amount of knowledge I earned here is incomparable to any other sort of courses.If I had not come to RJP, I would have never known what I have missed in my career. This training has given me extraordinary encouragement and progress in my environment and the results were exponentially good, which I observed in myself. Simply the training was extraordinary and the instructor was outstanding !

Gnanaskandan. P - Singapore


I am Gnanaskandan, System Admin form Singapore, I found RJP Infotek through Google. with a immediate response form my  course counselor Ms. Munazah, we had confirmed our MCSE 2012 server infrastructure boot-camp in couple of email conversations. On my first day of training I was inspired by the corporate ambiance of RJP and wonderful service provided by Ms. Munazah. Our Training was conducted by Mr. A.K. Shajahan,  Senior Trainer, who got a sound knowledge about Microsoft products and services. His Teaching techniques lead our training session in a professional manner with a full fledged training lab.  During his lectures, he demonstrated the typical solutions were worked in the past and proved the current technological advancement, I personally gained lot from his technical experience as well as learn more about latest technology than I paid,  at the same time I should appreciate our other lecturers, who helped me to achieve success. Thanks to RJP.

Renny N

I take this opportunity to thank RJP team. The Coaching was exceptional.
This was the best training program I ever attended. I really appreciate the commitment of your Faculty Shanu Anwar. Her classes were were well organized and the periodic assessments tests really helped me to prepare for the exam.
Thanks Shanu for all your help and response to my emails and calls.
I strongly recommend  this institute.

Ganesh Rao PS

Very good lab environment, So we all had hand on experience

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