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Why Microsoft Office 365

Course Duration (In Hours) Timing Tentative
Microsoft Office 365
Office 365 40 2.00 - 6.00 20-12-2017

Microsoft Office 365 Training in RJP Infotek, Chennai

RJP Infotek provides the best Microsoft Office 365 training in Chennai with real-time practical experience. With our handful Microsoft Office 365 trainers and the real-time practical experience they assign you in the Microsoft Office 365 training which is enough for a person in Chennai who needs to get placed in a MNC. Get trained in Microsoft Office 365 from RJP Infotek, Chennai.

Why Microsoft Office 365

This course targets the needs of IT-Professionals who take part in evaluating, planning, deploying and migrating office365 services including its identities, dependencies and supporting technologies. Focuses on skills required to setup an office365 tenant including Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, and Skype for Business online. In-depth Knowledge on How to Migrate exchange On-premises to exchange Online and Creating Single sign-on Infrastructure using adfs and Active Directory Synchronization with Hybrid Infrastructure.

Highlights of O365 training:

  1. Configuring Hybrid Messaging infrastructure (Office 365 with Exchange Server 2013)
  2. Configuring Directory Synchronization for Office 365 access and authentication
  3. Configuring SSO for Office 365 access and authentication
  4. Configuring and Managing Exchange Online, Share Point Online and Lync Online
  5. Migrating on-premises Exchange server infrastructure to office 365 using cut-over and remote Move.

Module 1: Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure

Learn introduction about Cloud, its types, characteristics and its services.

  • What is Cloud
  • Characteristics of Cloud
  • Types of Cloud
  • Cloud Services

Module 2: Introduction to Office 365 Infrastructure

Learn the introduction to Office 365 infrastructure , editions, benefits and layers. Also you will get to know about the Office 365 online services, the components and use cases.

  • What is Office 365?
  • Editions of Office 365
  • Benefits of office 365
  • Layers of Office 365
  • Understanding Office 365 Online Services
  • Components of office 365 Infrastructure
  • Use Cases of office 365 Infrastructure

Module 3: Preparing and Administering Office 365 Infrastructure

Get to know about subscribing office 365. You will learn to create, configure and manage both Office 365 users and groups and configure its licences.

  • Subscribing Office 365
  • Creating , Configuring and Managing Office 365 users
  • Creating, Configuring and Managing Office 365 groups
  • Configuring Office 365 licenses
  • Installing Windows Azure Active Directory PowerShell
  • Managing users, group and Licenses using PowerShell

Module 4: Administering Exchange Online

Understand exchange online recipients also create, configure and manage exchange recipients with the help of Windows Azure Active Directory PowerShell. You will also learn to configure Exchange online mailboxes. Learn to create, configure and manage Address Book Policy, Exchange online and MRM (Message record Management)

  • Understanding Exchange Online Recipients
  • Creating, Configuring and Managing Exchange Recipients using Windows Azure Active Directory PowerShell
  • Configuring Exchange online Mailboxes
  • Creating, Configuring and Managing Address Book Policy
  • Creating, Configuring and Managing archiving in Exchange online
  • Creating, Configuring and Managing MRM (Message Record Management)

Module 5: Administering SharePoint online

Understand logical structure of Share point and configure Share Point permissions. Create library and documents and configure Site Collections and Sites, configure & access Site Mailbox Application. Finally learn to access the Share point content from the Site Mailbox.

  • Understanding Logical Structure of Share Point
  • Configuring Site Collection and Sites
  • Creating a Library and Documents
  • Configuring SharePoint Permissions
  • Configuring Site Mailbox Application
  • Accessing Site Mailbox from the outlook
  • Accessing the SharePoint Content from the Site Mailbox

Module 6: Implementing Rights Management

Learn to understand rights management and how it works. Get to know how to configure on Clod rights protection.

  • Understanding Rights Management
  • How rights Management Works
  • Configuring On Cloud Rights protection

Module 7: Planning and Configuring DNS

Learn how to add a custom domain in office 365, understand Resource records in DNS and Split Brain DNS. Finally verify the custom domain with the TXT record.

  • Adding a Custom Domain in office 365
  • Understanding Resource Records in DNS for office 365
  • Understanding Split Brain DNS
  • Verifying the custom domain with the TXT record

Module 8: Planning and Implementing Single sign-on Infrastructure

Learn how to plan and implement single sign-on infrastructure.

  • Build on-premises Active Directory Infrastructure
  • Understanding Azure Active Directory Synchronization from On-premises Active Directory to Windows Azure Active Directory
  • Synchronizing objects from on-premises to Office 365 infrastructure
  • Configuring Certificate Services Infrastructure
  • Understanding ADFS and Federation Services Gateway
  • Configuring Active Directory federation Services
  • Configuring relying party trust from Microsoft online services to federation services in on-premises
  • Understanding difference between SSO with dirsync and ADFS

Module 9: Migrating Exchange Mailboxes to Exchange Online

Learn Cutover, IMAP and Remote move migration in this module.

  • Cut Over Migration
  • IMAP Migration
  • Remote Move Migration

Module 10: Configuring Hybrid Infrastructure

Understand the need of hybrid infrastructure. Install Exchange Server 2010/2013 on-premises infrastructure. Finally configure internet facing client access server.

  • 1. Understanding the need of hybrid Infrastructure
  • Scenario: Hybrid Infrastructure
  • Installing the Exchange Server 2010/Exchange Server 2013 on-premises infrastructure
  • Configuring Internet facing Client Access server
  • Configuring and Implementing Hybrid Configuration Wizard
  • Understanding and Configuring mail routing between the on-premises and exchange online
  • Configuring online archive for Exchange Server 2013 on-premises Mail Boxes

Module 11: Configuring Lync Online

Learn for planning and configuring Lync online settings.

  • Plan for Lync Online
  • Configure Lync Online Settings

Module 12: Monitoring Office 365

You will learn about isolating service interruption, monitor service health and analyse its reports.

  • Isolate Service Interruption
  • Monitor Service Health
  • Analyse Reports

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