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CCNA – Routing & Switching

Course Duration (In Hours) Timing Tentative
CCNA – Routing & Switching
CCNA Routing & Switching (200-125) 120 9.30 - 1.30 12-12-2017
CCNA Routing & Switching (200-125) 120 2.00 - 6.00 12-12-2017
CCNA Routing & Switching (200-125) 120 SATURDAY 16-12-2017

CCNA – Routing & Switching Training in RJP Infotek, Chennai

RJP Infotek provides the best CCNA – Routing & Switching training in Chennai with real-time practical experience. With our handful CCNA – Routing & Switching trainers and the real-time practical experience they assign you in the CCNA – Routing & Switching training which is enough for a person in Chennai who needs to get placed in a MNC. Get trained in CCNA – Routing & Switching from RJP Infotek, Chennai.

Why CCNA – Routing & Switching

CCNA - Routing & Switching is regulated with CISCO 100-105, CCNA-ICND1 V3 and CISCO 200-105-ICND2 V3, convoys you in installing, configuring, operating and finally troubleshooting the medium-sized routing & switching networks.

CCNA - Routing & Switching is a perfect certification agenda for fresher in network engineers to enlarge their base in networking knowledge. Our teaching module transmits participants with practical as well as relevant and industry-ready domain knowledge on network solutions.

Uses of CCNA – Routing & Switching

  • Security Operations
  • Data Center Technologies
  • IP Addressing
  • WAN Technologies
  • Managing IP Traffic with Access Lists
  • Establishing Point-To-Point Connections

Pre requisite: Hardware & Basic Networking knowledge

Networking Fundamentals: Network Classification- Topologies- ISO 7 Layer OSI Model -TCP/IP 4 Layer Model-Cisco 3 Layer Model-Network Expansion Components, Introduction to WAN Technologies.

IPv4 Addressing: Classfull/Classless- Reserved addresses- Subnetting - Summarization- VLSM, CIDR

Packet traversing a Network: Understand encapsulation de-encapsulation based on how a packet travels across a network

Cisco Device Basics: Switches &Routers Architecture-IOS basics- Managing cisco devices- Device Connectivity basics; IOS CLI; CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol), LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol).

Switching Technologies & VLAN: Operational Principles- CAM Table; Remote management of switch - Port Security- VLAN Basics- Trunking, ISL & 802.1 q standards, DTP, VTP, Preventing loops using STP & RSTP. Portfast, BPDU Guard, Inter-VLAN Routing, Etherchannel and Troubleshooting.

IP Routing & Managing Cisco Internetwork: Router Boot sequence- Managing a router via Telnet, SSH & CCP - Static Routing (default & backup route) - Dynamic Routing- Routing Algorithms- Administrative Distance - Autonomous System- RIP V2 (Configuration & Verification), EIGRP (Configuration, Verification, load Balancing), OSPF (Configuration & Verification in Single & Multi area Environments, Neighbour States), Passive Interface. eBGP (configuration & Verification) - Troubleshooting Routed Networks.

NATTING: Types of NAT (Static, Dynamic, NAT with PAT)

DHCP: Configuration & Verification

IPV6 addressing: Types of ipv6 address, Enabling IPV6- IPv4 compatibility; Configuring & verifying Static routing, OSPFv3 & EIGRPv6 in IPV6- Dual Stack configuration, IPv6 Extended ACL. First Hop Redundancy Protocols: HSRP - Configuration & Verification.

Network Security: IPv4 Access Control Lists - Inbound & Outbound IP Access Lists- Types (Standard, Extended, Named)-ACL Application, Firewall & VPN concepts, Device Hardening.

WAN Protocols: WAN Environment Concepts- Leased Line- Configuration & Verification of different protocols- HDLC, PPP with PAP & CHAP Authentication, PPP Multilink, Troubleshooting WAN, GRE Tunneling & OSPF on GRE Tunnel.

Advanced Topics: Introduction to QoS, DHCP Snooping, DAI (Dynamic ARP Inspection), Identity Based Networking (using 802.x), SNMP, Cloud Computing, SDN, IP SLA, SPAN, PPPoE

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